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Anker Screen Protector for iPhone 15 Pro(2-Pack)

Item #: A72E9102


  • Flawless Fit in a Flash: No more installation headaches. This screen protector seamlessly attaches in a few quick steps for a perfect fit.
  • Bubble-Free, Dust-Free: The advanced micro-nano adhesive technology ensures a 100% bubble-and-dust-free fit while preserving the original screen clarity.
  • Crystal-Clear 8K Clarity: Enhance visual experience with a 0.33 mm CSG high-alumina-silicon glass screen protector, offering 92% light transmittance and preserves your screen's 8K quality.
  • Ultimate Screen Safety: This glass screen protector is built to last. With its dual reinforcement and 9H hardness, it's designed to keep your screen pristine and unharmed.
  • What You Get: Anker Dust-Proof Screen Protector (HD, 2-Pack, For iPhone 15 Pro), 2× dust-free boxes, user manual, wet wipes, cleaning cloth, dust removal sticker, 12-month warranty, and our friendly customer service.



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Model: A72E9. Anker Dust-Proof Screen Protector (HD, 2-Pack, For iPhone 15 Pro). Protect Your Screen, Preserve Your Clarity

Quick and Easy Application: Transform your iPhone 15 Pro's screen protector application into a stress-free experience with a simple 5-step process for a flawless finish.

Clear. Durable. Premium: Elevate your screen's protection with a combination of Japanese electroplated coating, scratch-resistant hydraulic coating, high-transparency optics, and drop-proof glass for unparalleled quality.

Ultra-Responsive Screen Protector: This screen protector promises true touch sensitivity, proven by 5,000 tests to ensure screen clarity and sensitivity.

Impact-Resistant Edges: This screen protector's reinforced edges can handle 44 lbs of pressure and are drop-proof from 4 ft, ensuring your screen stays intact.



  1. This screen protector is only compatible with the iPhone 15 Pro.
  2. Please clean your phone's screen before applying the protector
  3. Please gently lift one corner of the screen protector to align with the air bubble. (Reminder: Do not remove the screen protector completely from the screen.) Let go to allow the screen protector to reattach to the screen. Wait a few seconds and gently press to remove any remaining air bubbles.