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eufy Security Dual Cam Doorbell with Solar Cam Bundle

Item #: E821411B
Enhance your home security with the eufy Video Doorbell E340 plus SoloCam S230, offering 2K clarity, two-way audio, and on-device AI-powered human detection. Enjoy 8GB of built-in local storage on each device with no monthly cloud subscription fees – and easily accessible using the eufy App.

Kit Includes:

  • eufy Security Video Doorbell E340
  • eufy Security Wire-Free SoloCam S230 (S40)

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Key Features

eufy Security Video Doorbell E340

Dual Cameras, Double Security
Two cameras work together to deliver advanced viewing. The front-facing camera focuses on visitors while the downward-facing captures views of the floor in front of your door, leaving no blind spots.
Crystal Clear 2K Full HD
Experience superior clarity with 2K resolution, revealing detailed visuals of your doorstep and visitors.
Industry's First Dual-Light System
Motion-activated dual lights at the top and bottom provide added security and clear vision at night, leading the way to your door.
Battery or Wired, Your Choice
Enjoy hassle-free installation with battery mode; and keep a spare for uninterrupted service during recharges. Or use the wired mode, powered by the battery, for consistent power performance. Note: Wired mode requires the battery to be installed and a power source power should be connected with 8 to 24V and >10V.
Guard Package Delivers with Smart AI
Get instant alerts when a package arrives and stay notifications if anyone approaches your package before you do.
Color Night Vision
The dual-light system with advanced light and processing algorithm ensures less blur and clear night viewing up to 16 ft (5 m).

eufy Security Wire-Free SoloCam S230 (S40)

Continuous Power, Solar Style
Never worry about changing the battery as SoloCam S230 stays powered by the sun. When the sun sets, the built-in battery keeps the juice flowing.*
The Key is in the Detail
Capture every event that occurs around your home in ultra-clear 2K clarity.
Relevant Recordings
Built-in AI ensures the outdoor camera only records when a person is present rather than an animal. It differentiates between family and strangers to instantly alert you within 3 seconds.**
Light Up the Night
Shine a light on unwanted guests with ultra-bright motion activated 600-lumen spotlight. Color night vision picks out details in the darkness up to 26 feet (8 meters) away.
No Hidden Costs
SoloCam S230 is a one-time purchase. There are no monthly subscription fees or hidden costs. 8GB of on-device local storage† remain protected with advanced encryption.
Smart Integration
Connect up SoloCam S230 to the Google Assistant or Alexa for complete hands-free control of your home security.

* Actual speed may vary depending on quality of available Internet / Wi-Fi.

** According to laboratory data recorded in direct sunlight. Actual charging time may vary depending on installation location and lighting conditions.


eufy Security Video Doorbell E340+
eufy Security Wire-Free SoloCam S230 (S40)+

What's in the Box

eufy Security Video Doorbell E340

eufy Security Video Doorbell E340
Rechargeable Battery Pack
USB-C Charging Cable
Mounting Bracket
15-degree Mount Adapter
Screw Hole Position Card
Extension Cables
Chime Bypass Jumpers
Doorbell Detaching Pin
Security Warning Sticker

eufy Security Wire-Free SoloCam S230 (S40)

eufy Security Wire-Free SoloCam S230 (S40)
USB-C Charging Cable
Screw Mount
Screw Pack
Quick Start Guide


eufy Security Video Doorbell E340

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eufy Security Wire-Free SoloCam S230 (S40)

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