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eufy Security Floodlight Cam with Dual Cam Doorbell Bundle

Item #: E842512A

Bundle Includes:

  • Floodlight Camera E340
  • Video Doorbell E340

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Floodlight Camera E340:

  • 360° Camera Coverage Keeps Track of Detected People:Complete view with 360 pan. Built-in AI IDs and track movement. Auto-patrol, manual control, and out of field-of-view detection
  • 24/7 Recording for Peace of Mind:Always on and always recording when local storage has been enabled by installing a microSD card (up to 128 GB) or connecting to eufy HomeBase S380. Activities and people can be monitored at all times.
  • Double the Cameras, Double the Possibilities: The 2K telephoto camera captures details from up to 50 ft (15 m) away, while the 3K wide-angle camera focuses on the big picture. Dual cameras provide 8× hybrid zoom and up to 3K resolution. Note: The max resolution will be 2K when using AI Tracking or Dual Views.
  • Fast and Stable Connectivity with Dual-Band Wi-Fi 6:Enjoy faster speeds and reliable connectivity with full support for dual-band Wi-Fi 6. Works with 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz networks.
  • 2,000-Lumen Peak Brightness with Security Alarm:Customize brightness, set motion-activation, or ambient lighting. Up to 95dB security sirens - your camera doubles as a garage light and security guard.


Video Doorbell E340:

  • Dual Cameras, Double Security:Two cameras work together to deliver advanced viewing. The front-facing camera focuses on people, while the downward-facing camera fills in the gaps with a view of the floor in front of your door.
  • Color Night Vision for a Clear View : Introducing the industry's first dual-light system paired with an advanced light capturing and processing algorithm. Less blur than previous iterations of night vision and a clear nighttime viewing distance of up to 16ft (5m).
  • See What Matters in 2K Full HD Clarity: 2K clarity reveals more details. Get clear and detailed visuals of your doorstep and anyone who drops by.
  • Battery or Wired, Your Choice: Battery mode makes installation easy. Keep a spare quick-release battery for quick swaps and avoiding downtime due to charging. Wired mode is also powered by the battery, which is topped up by the wired power source for long-lasting performance. Note: Wired mode requires the battery to be installed and a power source power should be connected with 16 to 24V and >10VA.
  • Pair with a Chime to Hear Alerts Throughout Your Home: Can connect with your existing chime, or pair with eufy HomeBase S280, eufy HomeBase S380, eufy Minibase Chime (T8023), Alexa devices, and Google Voice Assistant devices. Note: Not compatible with the original eufy Wi-Fi Chime (T8020) or eufy Chime (T8740/T8742).
  • Store your data locally with no subscription fee.