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soundcore Space One Active Noise Cancelling Headphones

Item #: A3035Z11
  • 2X Stronger Voice Reduction: Stay focused during bustling journeys with our upgraded noise cancelling structure. Space One excels in blocking out mid to high-frequency sounds with 2X more* voice reduction. *Compared with soundcore Life Q30 headphones.
  • Reduce Noise By Up to 98%*: Adaptive noise cancelling detects external sounds and sound leakage, auto-calibrating to deliver optimal noise reduction. Escape unwanted distractions, whether you're on a noisy train, in a bustling café, or your headphones aren't sitting on your ears properly. *Tested by soundcore under laboratory conditions.
  • Journey with Hi-Res Audio: Space One's 40mm customized dynamic drivers support LDAC for Hi-Res Wireless audio, delivering 3X more detail than standard Bluetooth codecs for detail-rich listening without any tangled wires.
  • 40 Hours of ANC Playtime: Embark on blissful journeys with 40 hours of playtime with ANC on. 55 hours of continuous music with ANC off ensures endless entertainment without battery concerns.
  • Crafted for Comfort and Style: Elegantly designed, 8° rotating ear cups effortlessly conform to the contours of any head, and a soft integrated headband evenly distributes pressure for natural prolonged wear.


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Upgraded Noise Cancelling Structure: Tailored to reduce 2X more* voices in crowded spaces, so you can find solace even on the busiest trains. *Compared with soundcore Life Q30 headphones.

Adaptive Noise Cancelling: Reduce noise by up to 98%*. Adapts to ambient sounds as well as sound leakage to ensure you get the strongest noise reduction wherever you are and however you wear them *Tested by soundcore under laboratory conditions.

Immersive Audio: Amplify your everyday commute with powerful 40mm custom soundcore dynamic drivers that deliver crisp sound with LDAC support for Hi-Res Wireless certified audio with rich detail.

Long-Lasting Listening with Extended Playtime: Space One has a battery life of 40 hours with ANC on and 55 hours with ANC off, and supports fast charging for endless entertainment.

Adaptive Ear Cups: A floating axis design allows the ear cupss to rotate 8° either way to fit all head shapes, and the ergonomic headband sits comfortably on youur head without any pressure.

5 Levels of Transparency: Adjust your ambient sound with 55 levels to choose from in transparency mode.

Multi-Mics for Enhanced Call Clarity: Be heard clearly on caalls even in the busiest of crowds. Multiple mics hone your voice and lower unwanted sounds so the otheer end can hear you clearly.

Pair with Multiple Devices: Pair Space One with multiple devices seamlessly, so you can conveniently switch between your phone, laptop, or tablet. Your headphones will automatically switch to the device with audio playback.